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Jun 11 · 3 min read

Scotch & Soda, G-Star RAW, Marlies Dekkers ready on launch day

Early May, Apple announced that Apple Pay will finally arrive in The Netherlands. Since the launch of Apple Pay in the US and Europe, the dutch consumer has been very vocal about wanting to adopt this feature. This doesn’t come as a surprise, because the dutch e-commerce market is among the biggest of Europe and features like contactless payments in stores are widely adopted. Apple Pay removes friction from the payment process and makes online shopping more convenient. That’s why at Highstreet Mobile we’re excited that Apple invites us and several of our customers to join their launch.

What we learned from implementing Apple Pay on our platform

Our native mobile shopping platform supports Apple Pay since its launch back in 2014. From day one, brands like Scotch & Soda, Vince and Marlies Dekkers were already able to offer the feature to all their mobile app customers in the United States. They could immediately profit from the benefits of Apple Pay and the e-commerce problems it solves.

1: Checkout abandonment One of the main e-commerce issues has always been high checkout abandonment numbers. Data from brands on our platform with US presence shows that cart abandonment on the web is at 61%. Our platform reduces this number to 48%. This is the result of implementing techniques to make our native checkout interface smarter and quicker compared to web. Apple Pay takes this even further: only 25% of the customers starting a checkout session does not finish it. This is almost a 60% decrease in checkout abandonments compared to web.

2: One tap checkout Another issue is that checkouts usually take a lot of time to complete. Customers and long forms just don’t go well together. With Apple Pay customers only need to set up all information on their device once and can then use it in any app or website that supports Apple Pay. Already 40% of the transactions from these US customers on our platform are completed through Apple Pay and this is growing rapidly.

Apple Pay will take The Netherlands by storm

Dutch consumers are known to be technically savvy. The country was an early adopter of the internet for example with many households having an internet connection at a very early stage. Similarly the Dutch adopted mobile devices rapidly. That’s why we believe Apple Pay will be adopted very quickly in The Netherlands as well.

The feature can only be used by consumers however if brands are offering it as a payment option. That’s why we’re proud that many of the brands using Highstreet Mobile Shopping Apps got an invitation from Apple to join their launch. G-Star RAW, Scotch & Soda, DENHAM and Marlies Dekkers are all ready for Apple Pay on day one. Apple Pay helps us to come a step closer to our mission of setting a new standard for mobile shopping.

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