Implementation started for Bulls&Birds and Vanguard

August 12th, 2014

The e-commerce app platform Highstreet was built to give great brands an outstanding mobile app e-commerce experience. Today we are proud to announce that two new brands will soon join the Highstreet platform. They will soon get their own custom-designed iPad app. Mens fashion brand Vanguard and high-end fashion pure player Bulls & Birds.

Highstreet offers an outstanding shopping experience which perfectly suits the experience these two Dutch fashion retailers want to offer their customers. By adding these two wonderful brands to our platform, the number of webshops connected to Highstreet grows to six. We already published three Highstreet based apps and the app for design interior shop Flinders is on its way to the app store. Within the next few weeks we will connect Vanguard and Bulls & Birds to our platform. Both apps will soon appear in the App Store.

Implementation has started

The implementation process for both brands has already started. For Vanguard we recently started designing based on the brands style guide and webshop design. When finished we will connect their Magento store through our extension and implement their payment provider and services. Using our approach, existing webshops like Vanguard are able to get a premium e-commerce app in the hands of their customers within weeks.

Bulls & Birds will be our first store that is not hosted on Magento. We are now able to connect any E-commerce platform with an API. We created our API to connect it to the Highstreet apps. This allows us to transfer their catalog to the app and in this case helps Bulls&Birds to manage their app from their existing webshop CMS. When the API is connected the rest of implementation proces is similar to the Magento stores.

Other e-commerce platforms supported

The development of our API is great news for other brands not using Magento. It allows us to connect other e-commerce systems like Intershop, Demandware and Shopify. Because of this nearly all brands can now use the Highstreet app platform and offer great shopping experiences on mobile devices. At the moment we’re talking to multiple other retailers to connect them to Highstreet, so we expect to give you more exciting news very soon.

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