iOS 10’s rich notifications offer new ways to engage your customers

August 24th, 2016

Sending relevant push notifications from your retail app is a great way to engage your customers and keep them up to date on your brand’s news and offers. Soon, this will be even better when Apple releases iOS 10.

Push notifications in mobile retail

The moment that Apple’s Push Notifications Service was launched in 2009 (on iOS 3), third-party apps got the opportunity to send push notifications to their customers. Sending badges, sounds, and custom text alerts offered retailers a whole new way to engage their mobile app customers.

Push notifications allow retailers to communicate directly to their customers’ most personal device. Through these simple messages, brands have a direct connection with their customers.

However, notifications have always been quite basic. Just one line of text makes it hard to grab a customer’s attention. Apple’s iOS 10 changes this as it introduces rich notifications. Making it possible to put engaging content directly on the customer’s lock screen.

What’s new in iOS 10 notifications

The new notifications, which will be introduced this September as part of the new iOS 10 operating system, offer a more inspiring and interactive way to send messages. An improvement that we expect to immediately boost tap through rates.

The highlights of the new iOS 10 push notifications are:

  • Customised copy: Getting noticed between continuous notifications from different messaging and social apps is challenging when you only can use a line of text. The iOS 10 update offers new opportunities by introducing custom headers, subtitles, and copy.
  • Seamless user experience: Book a reservation or buy new shoes right from the lock screen. There is no need to open different apps, Apple offers a seamless user experience all brought together in one notification.
  • Rich content : Best of all, the improved push notifications offer rich content. You can add GIFs, videos, and images to your notifications now. Making your messages more attractive and informative for your customers.

How retail apps benefit from this update

There are many possibilities for retailers to use Apple’s new notification update for their mobile apps. Below, we have listed a few examples of what brands will be able to do soon, using the Highstreet Mobile Retail platform:

Push a hot product

Are you introducing the next generation of an all-time favourite? Give your app customers a VIP treatment by letting them know first. Now, your notification can include a nice image of the new product and contain more messaging content than before.

Push a “new” or “sale” category

Promote an entire product category in one message. Sale on all jeans? Preview a nice pair of jeans right in the notification. When your customers tap on the message or uses 3D Touch, they will see a preview of multiple jeans without leaving the message. Opening the notification will guide them directly to the jeans category in your app.

Push an inspirational lookbook

Lookbooks are great app content to use in your notifications. Customers love the magazine-like feel of browsing products on mobile devices. Promote the lookbook of your latest collection to your customers’ device with just a push of the button. The notification will preview the first four looks. From tapping on the notification and opening the app, customers can browse and buy straight from the photo.

Better notifications = more impact = more sales

As you have seen, Apple did a major overhaul of their notification design this year. Custom copy, richer content, and more interaction will dramatically improve the quality of notifications for iOS users. Retail brands can use these new possibilities to directly put their products and lookbooks on their customer’s lock screen and start engagement with their brand there.

At Highstreet Mobile Retail, we are working hard to deliver support for the new notifications around the launch of iOS 10 in a few weeks. We can’t wait to see brands start to engage their customers in a more interactive way.

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