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iOS release 1.2

August 6th, 2014

With Highstreet we envisioned to create the best shopping experience possible on mobile devices. So naturally that means we are not done after shipping version 1.0 of our e-commerce app platform. Since our introduction in April we have shipped multiple versions all containing new features and/or improvements. We think some of these improvements are worth highlighting. In this post we will show you some of the details which we think make our apps great.

Home promotion slider and tap

The first thing you see in our e-commerce apps is the home promotion slider. Because we closely measure the use of our apps using Google Analytics, we noticed not all promotions are given equal attention. That is why we introduced an automatic slider. This way the promotions animate through your app so all your promotions get the attention they deserve. In addition we added a new animation when you tap a promotional image. When touched the promotion slides away. These animations help users to paint a mental picture of the apps navigation structure by pointing to the products attached underneath.

Advanced gestures: cart swipe

In the latest version of our iPad app, the cart can be opened by swiping from the right side of the screen. A convenient gesture that contributes to a touch-optimized shopping experience. Because the cart gesture works in any view, your cart is literally always at your fingertips.

Loading animation and activity indicators

Highstreet offers a really fast experience. Actually more than twice as fast as most (responsive) websites. So even when the internet connection is not that great, we want users to perceive the app as fast while also instantly responding to actions. To do that we need to indicate to the user something is indeed happening in the background. For instance, the downloading of large product images. Then, when the download is done, the product image seamlessly animates into view. First it scales and then bounces a little, hopefully giving the user the feeling that the product comes from an imaginary warehouse in the background ;)

Buy button in gallery view

One of the unique features of our e-commerce apps is the (very) large product imagery. This really gives the user the idea he is actually interacting with the products like he or she would when actually being in the physical store itself. It is actually proven that large and clear images with which you can interact using touch, improves the feel people have with the product, thereby increasing the conversion.

The gallery view is a feature that we shipped in version 1.0. The new addition here is the buy button. This button allows users to instantly act on adding the product to their cart.

We keep improving our e-commerce apps

Our team is working on improving our Highstreet apps every day. From small bug fixes to great new features. So keep a close eye on the Highstreet apps, you might discover something new every time you open one of our apps. You could try either one of these Highstreet apps available in the App Store:

Delightful shopping for jeans and clothes: PME Legend

Cooking enthusiasts should check out Potten & Pannen and their special app only offers: Potten&Pannen

Fashion enthusiasts should download the 9Straatjesonline app: 9Straatjesonline

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