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Highstreet increases conversion and engagement

May 15th, 2014

When you have worked on a product for more than a year, there is not much more exciting than launching and watching if the product delivers the results that you hoped for. On May 9 we passed the one month anniversary of the PME Legend app based on Highstreet. The results of the first month are in. And we are very happy to report that they look very good.

Higher Conversion Rate

Of course this the number everybody is waiting for. Will the user experience we offer with our ecommerce app platform indeed lead to better converting customers? Fortunately yes: the PME Legend iPad app shows a conversion increase of 98 % compared to iPad users of the webshop. In fact the app now delivers the highest conversion rate for PME all across the board. It exceeds the conversion rate of the website on desktops by almost 6 %. But read on as there is more.

These numbers were for the first month after the introduction of the PME Legend Highstreet app. (ending on May 9th)

For the full month of May the conversion rate of our e-commerce app rose even higher to 127%. See below what that results to:

Higher engagement

When we envisioned Highstreet we always believed the next generation of e-commerce should be more engaging than traditional webshops. The platform has been designed to create a much more compelling and immersive online shopping experience. It puts more attention on the products and less on the interface. This user experience encourages users to discover more products and browse a store like they would browse a fashion magazine.

Two of the KPIs we use to measure this are page views and session time. On both statistics we see huge improvements.

Session time for both traditional desktops and iPads was more or less equal on the website. But in the app we see a session time increase of over 57%. In a time where user attention is scarce and highly fought over, this is great news.

By itself the increased session time is great, but it does not say it all. That is why we also measure app screen views versus page views on the web. Which can be directly linked to products viewed by a user during one session. The total amount of views per session increased 270 %. To put this in an other way, users of the PME Legend iPad app view 2,7x more products than visitors of the regular website do on their desktop. Compared to iPad users of the website they even view 3,5x more products. Think about what that means: so much more exposure for the brand and the product. We are very excited about this.

Highstreet brings in 22% more business from the iPad audience

All the figures above would be good news in itself but if the revenue would just move from the webshop to the app with no additional results, the impact would be limited. Fortunately this is not the case. By launching the PME Legend e-commerce app PME was able to increase the overall iPad share of their business by 22%. This is a huge improvement and it shows that Highstreet adds significantly to the bottom line.

It is worth noting that these results were made with very limited promotion: PME Legend sent an email newsletter and promotes the app to iPad visitors on the website, that is all. There is ample opportunity to bring attention to the app through other means like their retail brand stores and other media. Over time, this will only increase the additional revenue stream.

Update June 3rd: based on more detailed data we adjusted this KPI data of this paragraph.

Where do we go from here?

As you know we set up Highstreet as an e-commerce app platform. This means we can deliver a delightful e-commerce iPad app for every brand. And we can do so within a few weeks if that brand is running a Magento store. Over the next weeks several other brands will launch. Besides that we are working on enhancing the platform and making improvements every week. We will keep you informed here on this blog. This is only the beginning.

Want to see what we can do for your brand’s webshop? Get in touch!

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