Smart push notifications increase app commerce revenue

Relevant and timely messages activate customers

August 20th, 2014

One of the key features of e-commerce apps to increase engagement and conversion rates is the ability to send relevant push notifications. As a premium e-commerce app platform that allows retailers to publish their own branded shopping apps for iPhone and iPad, Highstreet also offers a smart push messaging system. By using this system merchants can engage their loyal customers at the right time and place by sending them relevant push messages, thereby increasing their mobile revenue.

What is push messaging?

Everybody has seen them in one form or another but just to make sure, here is a brief recap of what push messages are. Push notifications are short messages sent to mobile devices connected to specific apps. They can be used to notify users of events, new collections, sales, etcetera. These messages pop up in the screen of your smartphone or tablet regardless of whether the connected app is active or not or whether your mobile device is turned on or sleeping. When a push message is received, and users touch it, it directs them to the app or a specific section of the app. In order to receive push notifications, users need to have the app installed and give their approval to receive them.

Why use push notifications?

Your mobile marketing strategy should include push notifications. They play an important role in (re)activating your customers. By sending push messages containing relevant information at the right time and place you will be able to increase your active customer base. Research shows that targeted push notifications increase the app use by almost 300%. If you add this to the fact that 7 out of 10 users enable push notifications for their favourite brands, it shows push messaging is a powerful tool for marketers to increase brand awareness and engage their customers.

Highstreets push messaging service

Our app commerce platform supports push messaging to allow retailers to send smart relevant push notifications to their app users. Marketers are able to send segmented, automated and scheduled messages based on in-app triggers like visited category, search results, buying customers or abandoned carts. This way our push messaging system helps retailers to send customised mobile messages to a targeted group of users to reach them when the notifications are most relevant and therefor likely most effective.

How to use push messaging to increase your app revenue?

Push notifications can be used in a wide range of contexts. For example, they can be used in order to notify customers about upcoming sales events or new collections. Another use case is to “personally” hand out discount coupons. In addition, by using the geolocation feature, users can be informed about offers and discounts at the nearest store or even in store when using iBeacons.

To create relevant push messages suited to the context of the receiving customer it is important to specify or segment your target audience and determine in which context you want them to receive your message. This way push messages get more effective and will lead to more engaged app users. Using push messaging in this way, ultimately leads to increased app revenue.

Managing push notifications

By adding push notification services to our e-commerce apps, retailers can effectively generate traffic to their app, increase engagement and revenue. Managing the app content and push messages should be just as simple as using our apps to shop and buy products. That is why the push message management system will be incorporated into our CMS very soon. This way merchants can manage their mobile app content and engagement strategy from one central place.

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