What Are The Types Of Cleaning Brushes?

Cleaning brushes are used to carry out heavy duty cleaning tasks in the kitchen, bathroom, they are also used to clean floors and ceilings. Not only that, they are indispensable in cleaning hard-to-reach areas like bottles, sprouts, refrigerator coils and much more. Follow the guideline to know more about the cleaning brushes and their uses.

Cleaning brushes act as an amazing tool for scrubbing and this brush can be used in places where it needs more abrasion than a sponge offers. Also, with the help of the cleaning brushes, you can reach the areas where it is very difficult to access. Cordless scrubbers are the newbies in the cleaning brush families. Plus these brushes can be used for heavy-duty cleaning tasks in the bathroom and the kitchen, hubcaps, cleaning of carpets, tires, pool surfaces, outdoor furniture and the barbeque equipment.

Small Cleaning Brushes

Small cleaning brushes are excellent in cleaning difficult areas like the corners of floors, grout, stovetop controls and small crannies in faucets. You can find other types of cleaning brushes that are hard-to-reach and they include-

Bottlebrush- they are long, narrow and come in a variety of sizes, and they are useful in cleaning water bottles, flower vases, tea kettles and baby bottles. They are useful in preparing items for recycling.

Stove brush- these brushes come equipped with brass bristles, and they are useful in cleaning the burner grate. You can also use these brushes to clean the oven racks

Refrigerator coil brush- brushes specially made for cleaning the coils on the back of the refrigerators

Spout brush- they are longer as well as thinner compared to the bottle brushes. And these brushes are used for cleaning small spouts as well as percolator stems

Dryer vent brush- the dryer vent brushes are used to removes the clients gather below the lint trap

Other Cleaning Brushes

You can find some other cleaning brushes to clean the hard-to-reach areas of the house.


Utility brushes are quite useful since you can use the brush under the sink and can clean small amounts of materials from the floor and they do not even need a broom. 
Scrub brushes are generally used to clean floors. You can use it to remove wax as well. Masons generally use these brushes after the building construction to clean the floor.


Ceiling fan duster brushes come with a long handle and they are used to clean the fan blades, to remove cobwebs and the dust on ceilings and walls.

Long-reach dusters are specialised brushes used for cleaning baseboards and picture rail moulding.


Sink and the dish brushes are used to clean dishes. If you have a dishwasher, then before putting all the dishes to the dishwasher you can conduct an initial cleaning of all the dishes with the sink and dish brushes.


Toilet bowl brushes are best used to clean toilet pans, and these brushes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

This is a list of cleaning brushes, know your preference and pick the brush according to your needs.