30 days to your forever happy

Highway to Happy.
Aug 17, 2016 · 2 min read

The concept of achieving absolute happiness in just 30 days seduces you, to say the least. You have an open heart, you are ready to be empowered, and you believe that this right here, could be the start of your walk down your yellow brick road to forever happy. Awesome. Glad to see we’re on the same page.

The Rules.

Every day, for the next thirty days, read the below out loud first thing in the morning and just before you sleep. You will find that it will fill you with joy, gratitude and love, so keep it handy, you might end up reading it as your day progresses too. Believe in the power of your words, give the universe a chance to mirror back what you’re saying, and wait for the magic to happen.

The daily mantra for ultimate happiness.

I am happy, I am healthy, I am enough. I am strong woman full of talents, dreams and grace. I attract love, success and I look for ways to give the world back the immense joy and abundance of love it gives me. I am forever grateful for each and every blessing that comes my way.

I constantly seek to be surrounded by kindred or spirits and good souls who bring out the best in me. I make it my mission to inspire them to reach their highest highs and I support them through their lowest lows. I am forever curious, I have a zest for life and I understand that my journey is precious, my adventure is an incredible story, mine to share with a selected few.

I am loved and I love right back with all my heart and soul, for it is love which is the purpose of who I am, where I am going and what I aspire to be. I am uniquely beautiful, brave and a gentle powerful warrior. I know that I am blessed for I live an authentic life full of meaning, love and purpose.

Trust your words, make this your daily ritual and pass it on to your friends and loved ones, for they too deserve to embrace the gift of everlasting happiness. Share the love.

Highway to Happy.

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Inspiration hunter ☀️ brand storyteller ✏️ yogi 🙏🏻life coach 🌈 author of ‘New Superheroes’ 💥aspiring vegan 🥑

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