Head First to Programming 101

Programming has become one of the most popular terms dwelling among the online and offline world. I am often questioned about “how to become a full-fledged software engineer?”. Don’t know what other people are thinking about being a software engineer, but we still get less paid then a movie star. But some us, actually all of us pretend that we are movie stars. In my opinion may be that’s the prolific reason of people being attracted by this profession.

Whenever I am in a family gathering or having any random conversation with other people, the most common question been asked is “What I really Do?” Most of the time the answer don’t satisfy people or it is going over their head. But living in a third world country like Bangladesh we are still developing. People are emerging in this sector and getting engaged in more segments of computer science.

The Second most common question I get from people is, “How to become a successful programmer?” This article is basically for those people.

The answer of the first question is that my basic duty is to solve the problem. From my point of view programing is just a basic linguistic representation of any kind of problem. The problem we face in our real life like — why 3 is coming after 2? Or Why 6 is an even number not an odd? It’s true in some cases that all the problems are not simple. But I guess if anyone divided a whole problem in small parts and by solving every single part sequentially to crack the puzzle, it won’t be so complicated.

Anyone can compose a program or build software. First, these steps are needed to be followed -

Step 1: What is the problem?

Step 2: Do you have clear idea regarding this matter?

Step 3: If it’s a mathematical problem then have you tried solving it in paper?

After answering those questions comes the term of writing the program or simply just code. There are many available programming languages. Any of them can be chosen. Each and every programming language has the same content like — variables & conditions. If it’s an object oriented programming based language then class, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, interface etc will be considered. Just the syntax is different.

Before learning 50 different types of language everyone need to learn 1 language completely and must to grasp on it. That is the main idea of becoming a successful programmer/ software engineer.