The Two Main Types Of Outsourced Human Resource Work In Hawaii

When most people think about Hawaii, they immediately think about white sandy beaches and tons of tourist attractions. They rarely think about the thousands of people that are employed to keep their beaches clean or their resorts nice. Hawaii has its own unique bustling economy, and business owners and managers need to do what they can to keep their employees happy and safe.

Outsourcing Your HR

If just want a company to handle typical HR responsibilities without having to give up legal responsibility, you’re going to want to look for an HRO. An HRO can do anything and everything related to human resources. You won’t just have to not concern yourself with benefits and office conflicts; you can also have them handle things like payroll.

Human resources is a department that every workplace needs to have, but that doesn’t mean that the department has to physically be located on site. There are hundreds of businesses that choose to outsource their human resource work, and their employees are much happier and better managed because of it. Outsourced human resources services come in a variety of forms, and before you decide if outsourcing is right for you, you need to learn about two different ways companies can outsource their human resource work.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs)

Do you feel like you already have a solid established HR team, but you feel like they could use a little help learning about the latest in human resource technology? If so, you should consider a company that specializes in business process outsourcing. BPO companies won’t just focus on improving tech on the HR side; some will help find new and improved technology and software for other parts of your business as well. They can help find a more efficient software program for client management, or can find a more efficient system for warehouse stock.

Professional Employer Organization (PEOs)

If you want to work with an outsourced human resource company that will take full responsibility for any and all human resource duties, you’re going to want to look for a professional employer organization (more commonly known as a PEO). There are a lot of human resource providers in Hawaii that offer full PEO services. They essentially become your business partner, and they deal with hiring, firing, salary rates, and everything in between. Most PEOs will also take full legal responsibility for employees, but not all. If you’d rather be fully legally responsible for your employees, make sure you find a human resource outsource company that clearly defines what their role will be legally.