You are the only person that has offered to hold my heart.

I often wonder, what people think before they speak. I wonder if they think about how people are going to respond to what they say or what they do.

Me, I wonder how you’re going to respond every time I rip out my heart with every word that I say and I wonder if you’re going to cut into it to see things that I don’t want you to see yet or are you going to hold my heart and wait for me to allow you to swim in my red sea veins.

Honestly, you are the only person that has offered to hold my heart. Most people take it when I’m not looking so I’m always searching for my heart in places that really doesn’t make sense. But what am I suppose to do when I’m following my heart that a stranger has taken?

But then came you, offering to hold my heart and in exchange you gave me conversations that I can hold on to forever. Like the first time you said hello. It was as if oceans splashed into my rib cage giving my heart the ability to float into such dimensions that doesn’t even exist. I suppose only with you, they do.

So thank you, thank you for holding my heart. Thank you for making me feel more alive than I ever have in my life. And I know, I know that my words will never suffice so i will take your words that you spoke and fill them with hot air balloons that will fly to the stars and land your love for me above my dreams. So every time i go to sleep my dreams will be caressed by the sound of Your “I love you’s.”

But really they aren’t my dreams in the first place, this isn’t my life to live and this isn’t even my heart. It’s yours always has been and always will be but you gave me the option to give it back to you. That’s what makes you special and more real to me than anything in this entire world.

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