There is also the recent death of Otto Warmbier
Jeffrey Clemmons

I am currently doing a write up of this event as well; quickly though:

  • December 2015, Otto Warmbier, a college student, goes on a trip to North Korea with the Young Pioneers organization. As they are trying to leave after New Years, Otto is detained by North Korean police.
  • January 2016, Warmbier is accused of having carried out the “anti-republican action” of supposedly stealing a propoganda poster to bring back to his family. These claims are false — Warmbier was abducted, and likely committed no crime against the North Korean state, as he was likely advised by the Young Pioneers organization.
  • Warmbier is forced to confess that he intended to subvert the regime via his actions, and is sentenced to fifteen years hard labor. The Obama Administration does nothing.
  • June 2017, one year after his arrest, Warmbier is abruptly released via the efforts of Secretary of State Tillerson, coinciding with Denis Rodman’s return to North Korea. Warmbier is catatonic, and while at Michigan Southwestern University hospital to be treated for his injuries, Warmbier goes into a coma. He does seven days later.
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