We don’t have forever, Sometimes all we have is a single day”. 💐🕊️

Beautiful people, Beautiful memories and beautiful journey came to end. It’s time to say goodbye to the Amal family. Looking back, past three month seems like a roller-coaster, full of thrills and excites. It was wonderful time to connect with different people with different ideas and different approaches. But it’s the end of the fellowship not the memories.

Memories about the things we love, become the treasure of the heart. 💖

There are many laughters and worries we shared with each other make it worth memorable. All the sessions, activities, project works and courses brought something new to learn.

Like all sessions, the last session of the fellowship was also very interesting and helpful to understand about the things that matter. One of my favourite part ot the fellowship throughout was talking about each other and learning about other’s ideas. Last session was full of learnings, learning about yourself. All fellows discussed about their journey of three months and things they learn during this time period. M’am appreciated us individually, people definitely do better when they get appreciated.

Goodbyes are always hard but we should be thankful for the journey and all the memories it gave us and what we learn with pleasure we never forget. Fellowship ended, but every ending has a new binging. Amal told me many things i have to work on. It’s time to work on them and to grow. 🌼✨

In last, I just want to thanks all sweet people of my batch. For the things they share, for all the time they speak up, for all the memories they added to this journey and made it beautiful. All good words and wishes for future.

Oh.. Can’t we go back to the chapter one and do it all over again. ?!💕



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