Vacation rentals in Martinique

A market in great expansion !

Villa in Martinique

An authentic trip, much lower prices, flexible dates and a sense of being in your own house, these are some of the many advantages that push more and more travellers each year to opt for seasonal rentals when going on holiday. This trend has been growing positively all around the world with collaborative websites such as AirBnB, Abritel or Homeaway, and Martinique has benefited greatly of this new market !

It is very easy to see how quickly seasonal rentals notably expanded in just a couple of years in Martinique: for example, on Abritel, in 2009, 200 locations were referenced; in 2017, there are over 2000! And this is just based on the numbers of one website. The abundance of new locations demonstrates how well this industry is carrying itself.

The Caribbean is one of the most attractive touristic locations, for US, French and British travellers. In 2014, 14.3 million US citizens and 5.2 million Europeans headed to one of the islands of the Caribbean to enjoy the sun, sand and rum! In Martinique, since 2009, seasonal rentals has steadily started taking over the hotel industry, and has become for 40% ( 25% in 20015-INSEE), the prefered choice when choosing where to stay during their holiday.

One of the main criteria stated by travellers when asked why they choose vacation rentals over hotels, is the highly attractive prices. But vacation rentals in Martinique are not just cheaper than hotels, they are also of very good value. On AirBnB, the average price for a rental on the island is of 75€/night! For this price, you can have a magnificent villa, with two bedrooms and a pool, overlooking the beach. What more could one ask for?

The price-quality ratio for these types of rentals is the first criteria anyone looks for when going on holiday. If you compare to other holiday destinations, for example on AirBnb, the average price in the Bahamas is of 280€/night, and of 228€/night for a rental on the island of Jamaica.

With this great boom in vacation rentals, Martinique is expected to benefit greatly in the upcoming years of an increase of visitors, who are attracted by the beautiful landscapes, cultural richness and great food the island has to offer. HiJames has now been working in Martinique for over a year, in order to make traveller’s visitor to the island even more unique.

When renting out a villa, bungalow or flat on holiday, travellers aren’t only looking to save money, they are looking for a meaningful experience. HiJames offers unique activities, authentic experiences and local’s tips and tricks, so that everyone who comes to visit Martinique, can go back home, knowing that they made the most out of their experience on our wonderful island.

If you are thinking of visiting Martinique for an upcoming trip, contact one of our James managers, who can give you a hand to organize everything, and give you the best advice for a great experience!

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