6-Week Cycles for 2020

Joe Martin
Oct 7 · 1 min read

Upcoming 6 Week Cycles

The following is my team’s list of upcoming cycles for 2020.

Juneau Cycle

Mon, Jan 20th — Fri, Feb 28th
2 week break

Dubrovnik Cycle

Mon, Mar 16th — Fri, Apr 24th
2 week break

Brisbane Cycle

Mon, May 11th — Fri, Jun 19th
3 week break (It’s summer! Enjoy it)

Honolulu Cycle

Mon, Jul 13th — Fri, Aug 21st
2 week break

Cambridge Cycle

Mon, Sept 7th — Fri, Oct 16th
2 week break

Edinburgh Cycle

Mon, Nov 2nd — Fri, Dec 18th
(7 wk cycle due to the holidays)
Extended break for holidays

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