Getting Back into Music Videos

Back in my early high school years, as a husky freshman, I started to find a love for video editing. There was something about being able to tell a story visually that really drew me in.

Throughout high school I would take my first steps towards creating music videos — and I loved it. I would shoot video, then use 2 VCRs to edit the footage together. Once the video was edited, I’d go back through with those 2 VCRs and plug the music in to a separate input to create the finished product.

In my work with The Fold it’s been particularly exciting to concept, and even direct, music videos. I lean heavy on a narrative style, which is dominant in videos like “Bye Bye Love”.

Cinematographer, Aaron Green, is fantastic at what he does and it shows in the quality of the videos. If we were going for something more emotional, he’s able to capture it. If we’re going for something downright nutty, he’s able to capture it.

We worked together on a Real Estate Rap Song the band wrote, called “Sellin’ Homes”. My favorite part is the, “almost”, shot for shot recreation of Office Space’s famous printer beat-down scene. I just thought there was something really funny about a bunch of Real Estate Agents beating down a For Sale By Owner sign.

Over the next couple weeks I’m getting the chance to work with Aaron Green and team again as we look into creating some new videos for Lego.

I haven’t had the chance to work on concepting, direction, and production in a while. Really looking forward to it.

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