The Chicago Blackhawks App: When User Interfaces Turn Funny

In the world of digital design, the user interface refers to the elements on a screen that you interact with. These can be pictures, text, buttons, boxes, icons — you…you get it. When we do this, it’s the job of the user interface designer to take the end result into consideration.

If we’re placing in text, we should know how much text. Designing a space for 2 sentences is different than designing for 2 paragraphs.

If we’re placing in a button, we should know where it lines up and how it will appear on a mobile device.

If we’re planning an image area, it’s important to know what kind of images will be used in that area.

With that, the UI designer behind the Chicago Blackhawks app has a pretty great sense of humor, or the unintentional oversight led to some comical results all on its own.

Below are some screenshots from the Chicago Blackhawks app during the 2015–2016 NHL Season. As the new season begins, I look forward to more of these this year.

And it happened more often than not within the app. The screenshots above were over a few weeks, but the screenshots below were captured all in the same news stream.

Intentional or not, it’s a well done, great looking user interface and I appreciated the laugh.

Thanks, Chicago Blackhawks!

Now, how about another one of those Stanley Cups? As fans, we like throwing around that “Dynasty” word, let’s solidify that status a little more. Looking forward to another amazing season.

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