Growth Hacker Lv.1

So, this is happening. 
Start to build a Growth Hacker career from knowing almost nothing.

For the first experimenting Instagram project, there were a lots of topics flying through my mind. At the very last moment, In The Woods a photo sharing page featuring all the fine stays hidden in the woods was born.

Stage 1. Choose A Topic


Stage 2. Branding

After deciding on the topic, I start to imagine what kind of ‘feeling’ I want follower feel when they saw the page. Thoughts like: “Since it’s in the WOODs, so wooden and grassy texture is of course a must for my post.”, “ In order to make it feel like a high-end brand, a simple designed logo may help as well.” keep popping up, here are some of the strategy and tools that I used.

Create a Logo | Tailor

Create consistency | Maintain the photo/post with a consistent style.

Stage 3. #followforfollow

For a really long time, social media seems to be a really closed community to me. Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, they show you the thing that you like, which is a great thing, but what if once in a while you want to try something new, or give a random account/brand a try.

In order to break the barrier, I apply strategies such as hashtags, appearing on target audience’s board and follow others. By using some of the most trending hashtags or interact on your competitor’s (or like I prefer to call ‘role models’) board, your post are more likely to be seen by others. By having more interaction, not only people feel like engaging, but also does the algorithms behind these social medias will have a higher rate on your page, then of course, more likely to recommend you to the others.

Find the trendy hashtags|

Maybe you can: Create 20 hashtags, with 80% that relates to your brand and 20% of trends. (Trump is a popular one LOL)

Follow Others| Some say that the turning rate of follow to create follower is about 10%, however in this case, if you find the right audience, you may receive a obvious increase. You may also use tags like #follow4follow to boost the growth.

And the result?
By using all these strategies, In The Woods gains over 300 follower within 5 days, followers are mainly from US, Canada and Germany. The record may not be outstanding, but I surely know more about how to play with the rules.

Last but not the least, I want to thank Giftpack Inc. and my CEO Archer for being such a wonderful mentor and supporter.

Next time will talk more about the follower data analysis and the tools, so, stay tune!

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