Freedom Writers

Freedom writer was a movie that describes how un-educate students are with complicated family lives that come to school with no future plans but to just to join gangs, do drugs and getting pregnant. The plot of this movie wasn’t just knowing what they are doing with their lives but how they overcome and inspire them to have a larger mindset of what they are capable of. This was inspired by a teacher who is against racial discrimination that motivated the students to write, read and plan their future ahead.

The introduction of the film shows how racism is exposed to children at a young age for e.g. when the barbie doll was created in a different style, race base on white and coloured. This was viewed in a way that racism is capable of affecting many feelings on just an objects being compared.

The significant of this movie is how teenagers are going through what they are not supposed to go through and it all came down to violence and racism. This was shown in the movie when a woman call Erin Grewell enter her first year in high school teaching in a government school that struggles to motivate kids to learn. This affects any viewers because the story behind every teenage is defined what they are going through. As the class of freedom writers quoted “we are in a war”. To them because violence is part of their lives they find many ways to express them by hatred, thinking that’s the only way to survive within their neighbourhood.

The difference between them is their background and culture. They are label as black, whites, Colombian, Mexican etc. This issue has caused many of them to look at each other as enemy’s but not ordinary human beings. As the new English teacher struggles to change her student’s perspective over each other and also the staff members of the school over the students. This defines how judgemental plays a huge role in this movie. It portrays how important to judge by their colour, by the way, they look and where they are from. A student name Eva quoted “In America a princess is chosen by her beauty and her elegance. But an asset princess is chosen for her blood.” Her saying this define how powerful it is to be very judgemental and how powerful a parent can influence their child of their own experience through hatred of others.


The people who affected the students to be like this was their parents. We all know that your actions are base on how you were brought up either positively or negatively. All these students from freedom writer went through the same situation and we all know its violence. Violence cause them to be silence, pretend and to do things that are against the law. They do this either because no one cares for them or because the influence of a parent causes them to hate others just because a parent went through the bad experience. In the movie, Eva rarely was the main character but her character defines how unique she is than other students. In her diary, she says that she is taught by her father to fight for her own kind which was Columbians. She also explains what she taught to fought for which is equality either than in beauty and in blessings.

In the beginning of the movie, it showed how anger was an influence on the motivation of violence and power. It showed how selfish people can be from teachers who do not care for those who are troubled by their neighbourhood base on the influence of drugs, guns and anything that comes under violence. As the movie continued it showed how one new teacher enters the school with confidence and actually show affection to the students who needed it the most. In the end, the students start giving her respect not just to her but to each other. She didn’t just teach them as a teacher would teach base on their qualification of the subject but she taught them self-respect for each other which they were not familiar with. The picture defines a small part of a scene showing how one teacher fought for the student who were going through racial discrimination and loss of their beloved friends and family.

This movie played a huge role in a lot of teenager’s lives, especially to those who are still going through it. This is why I chose this movie not because one teacher guides them but because how your own parent’s actions cause affliction of anger and hatred. Violence can cause many losses mentally and emotionally but in this film it shows that hope can be powerful it doesn’t mean that you can get from your own family that is already broken but it can exist anywhere not just in a family but everywhere.

The main characters of the movie showing different racial and culture.
Show how one teacher teaches a the class on how to overcome racism.
This defines what people perspective of what a teenager should be and how they judge easily of their appearance.

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