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Due to the high influx of unofficial and fake accounts commenting and replying to our tweets, we would like to list down all our official social media channels below to prevent our followers and community in falling into the trap of scams and fraud:

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*Hikenex will never ask for your personal and financial information via any social media channels. Kindly be cautious of anyone/any accounts who ask you for confidential information. …

What is Hikenex?

Hikenex is a modern day crypto exchange platform embedded with advanced technology to enable the trading of multiple cryptocurrencies on a single exchange. Designed with an extremely user friendly interface, it ensures minimal downtime and stability, facilitating ease of trade even for first-time
cryptocurrency traders. Our base markets include widely accepted cryptocurrencies and the transaction fees remain minimal at 0.20%, thus users can be assured of profitable transactions at every stage.

What are the features of Hikenex?

Enhanced Security:
An exchange holds the data of thousands of crypto-currency traders with a value that can reach any high. With…


Hikenex is convenient and an advantageous platform for trade, exchange of various cryptocurrencies, which can be used by both experienced traders as well as beg

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