The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Hikenex Exchange: Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency

Apr 14, 2018 · 5 min read

What is Hikenex?

Hikenex is a modern day crypto exchange platform embedded with advanced technology to enable the trading of multiple cryptocurrencies on a single exchange. Designed with an extremely user friendly interface, it ensures minimal downtime and stability, facilitating ease of trade even for first-time
cryptocurrency traders. Our base markets include widely accepted cryptocurrencies and the transaction fees remain minimal at 0.20%, thus users can be assured of profitable transactions at every stage.

What are the features of Hikenex?

Enhanced Security:
An exchange holds the data of thousands of crypto-currency traders with a value that can reach any high. With data and assets worth so much value, one of the main concerns for any exchange is its security. To ensure a security-locked smooth functioning of our exchange, we have not only deployed
the best technology on our platform, but also employed a dedicated team to monitor our systems.

Faster Pace:
Making the most of the technology available to us, we have minimalized the lag time and downtime on the exchange. We constantly work towards developing our technology for faster processing, since we understand the fundamentality of speed in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Your transactions will no longer have the anxiety that tags along with the transaction’s wait time on other portals.

Multi- Coin Trading:
To serve a larger audience, we have developed a platform that facilitates transactions and trades for multiple currencies. Our base markets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Hiken Coin. We welcome listing from not only the high demand cryptocurrencies of the market, but also the upcoming coins.

Zero-Fee Direct Transfer — Currency Swap- Select currency — Total Coins — Address.
Save on transaction fees when you merely need to transfer a few coins from your wallet to another on the Hikenex exchange. If you personally know the receiver, there is a way to send your cryptocurrency in the quickest way possible directly to the receiver’s wallet. All you need is his/her unique 64 bit address for a secure transaction. This transfer incurs no cost, making it Zero-Fee as well as fast paced.

How to access Hikenex?

Sign Up
The first step towards trading is a free registration process.
1. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button on the top right.
2. Fill out and submit the registration form.
3. Check your mail for verification code/ verification link.
4. Follow the provided instructions to complete the verification.

Sign In
Once you have finished the verification process, Sign In using your Username and Password. Once you sign in successfully, you’ll be directed to your wallet.

Your Account
1. Wallet
Your wallet will show you the currencies you own, your balance, the coins you trade and their total BTC value. You’ll find the total BTC value of all your coins in the end. On the top, you’ll find a TX code which makes the Zero Fee Direct Transfer possible, across the Hikenex exchange.

2. Market
On the Market page you can trade your coins for the right value. The top section will reflect your trading graph, showing the last price, a 24 hour high or a 24 hour low, and the rate of change in price in 24 hours. You can place your open order in the mid-section, by filling out the required details. The section below it shows the current bids and asks i.e. the buy orders and the sell orders in the market. It is here, that your open order will reflect. You’ll find the market history in the last section, where you are able to determine the current rate of your coin in the market.

3. Orders
The orders page will reflect all of your orders as well as your trade history. The ‘Open Orders’ page will show your Open Buy Orders and Open Sell Orders, reflecting the timestamp, Market, Price, Amount and Total for all orders. The ‘Trade History’ page will show the Buy Trade History and the Sell Trade History again reflecting the Timestamp, Type, Market, Price, Items and Total.

4. Deposit Withdrawal
The Deposit Withdrawal page will show the complete history of all your deposits and withdrawals on the Hikenex exchange. The Deposit page will reflect the Currency, Time Seen, To Address, Amount, and Status of your Deposits. The Withdrawal Page will reflect the Currency, Time Seen, To Address, Amount, and Status of your Withdrawals on the Hikenex platform.

How to Trade on Hikenex?

Reaching the Market Page
On the Hikenex exchange, all trading happens from the market page. There are three ways of going to the market page:
1. On the wallet page, click on the arrow beside the coin you want to trade -and select the base market from the dropdown to reach the market page.
2. On the right panel, click on the base market of your choice and select the coin you want to buy or sell to reach the market page.
3. By clicking directly on the Market, you’ll be guided to the top coin in the Hot BTC Market. To select the base market and coin of your choice, go to the panel on the right of your page.

On the Market Page
Once you reach the market page, scroll down to the buy and sell panel.
1. Enter the price and amount that you wish to trade, all other details will be calculated.
2. The Numeric value of the fee total must be higher than 0.0000020
3. Once you have filled in the details, click on the buy/sell button and your order will be placed.

Once the Order is placed
Either of two situations can arise once you place the order:
1. If the order you placed, matches the bids/asks at the time you placed it, the resulting deduction/addition will reflect in your balance immediately. Cancellations are not possible in this event. The transaction will be reflected in the Market History and Trade History page on the website.
2. If the order you placed does not match any of the bids/asks in the market, the amount is deducted from your balance and your order gets placed in the bids/asks section. It is now an open order and will be executed once it finds the right match. In this event, cancellation of the order is possible by going to the ‘open orders’ section on the right panel. Such an order is
reflected in the open orders section and the bids/asks section until it is executed completely.

How to Deposit or Withdraw on Hikenex?
Depositing or Withdrawing currencies is an extremely secure and hassle free process on Hikenex.

To Deposit
1. Go to the wallet page
2. Click on the arrow beside the coin you wish to deposit
3. Select deposit
4. Click Generate address (For first time users)
Click Copy address (For regular users)
5. Submit this address to the sender
6. Now the sender can deposit the currency in your account.

To Withdraw
1. Go to the wallet page
2. Click on the arrow beside the coin you wish to withdraw
3. Select Withdraw
4. Paste the receiver’s address
5. Enter Pin Code and Password
6. Click Withdraw Coin to complete the transaction.

How to list your coin on Hikenex?
To list your coin on the Hikenex platform:
1. Click on the ‘Add Coin’ link in the bottom of the page.
Direct link to the Add Coin page:
2. Enter all the details of your coin accurately.
3. Submit Form


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Hikenex is convenient and an advantageous platform for trade, exchange of various cryptocurrencies, which can be used by both experienced traders as well as beg

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