Japan, while you were away!

Back when I visited, in 77, as a host to customers for a multinational firm, life was looking good for this proud techno-savory population of twenty million plus, but not very diversified island. Our flight on a newly purchased 747 with all the bells and whistles and multi-lingual Japanese staff really set the stage for an experience into the future as they saw it. The new and old values can co-exist right? Traditional gardens next to the hi-rise, ponds and waterfalls on factory grounds, temples near the subways, and bullet trains for short or long commutes to corporate work.

Fast forward to 2016. Economic stagnation for decades. Thirty thousand suicides. Nuclear fallout. Sleep and mental disorders.

Is this the new future for all developed countries, not just Japan?

Not if we plan for degrowth.

Some of the population in Japan do see this solution, but to many, like other developed nations peoples, what is here and now is all they can believe is true and technology will take care of any problems.

Or will it ? Let Japan serve as an example of a future for the rest of us, but without the benefit of a history that worked for them for centuries.

On a finite planet isn’t it about time to plan for what is coming?

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