How to interview for Data Driven Career ? — from HikeUP

How to you prepare for a Data Interview, not the technical part, but the emotional part. The part which gives you a raise.

The hiring manager is looking for the change you can offer to their team and their company. Here is how Victor Smith [VS] impressed his future boss when he went for a big data interview with a hiring manager [HM]

[HM]: What change can you offer to our data management projects ?

[VS]: The first required change is to ensure that your company’s data is of higher quality. You have a lot of data, and sometimes you just weren’t using that data and you weren’t paying as much attention to its quality as you now need to. That was, one, to make sure that the data has the right lineage, that the data has the right permissible purpose to serve the customers. This, in your mind, should be a journey. This simple progress should be made across your entire application systems.

[HM]: That’s right, but, what about the team dynamics ?

[VS]: The second change is working with business analysts, project managers, data analysts and making certain that everybody is making an effort to centralize some aspects of your project or business. The goal is to centralize our data and democratizing its use.

[HM]: hmm…this is a a company level, what about an individual ?

[VS]: The third aspect is that you recognize as a individual , as a team and as a company that you ourselves do not have sufficient skills, and you require collaboration across all sorts of entities inside and outside of your boundaries. This collaboration comes from technology innovators, so we follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. It comes from data providers, so try to understand the nature of data you get. It t comes from analytical companies, so you learn as much possible and train yourself in cutting edge tools market has to offer.

[HM]: That’s good ! Also You need to put a full package together for you business colleagues and partners so that it’s a convincing argument that you are developing things together, you are a team player that you are open to co -learning. And, we find that capability in you. Well done Victor !

[VS]: Thanks !

And when hiring managers know that you have a capability to to build on top of each other, what happens ?

They give you a raise ! — Go to for a raise.