Top 10 Best Day Hikes To Grand Staircase — Escalante National Monument

Apart from a great fun-filled experience that takes you closer to nature, hiking is a more powerful workout than you would have imagined. So, just like any other kind of cardiovascular exercise, hiking too lowers your risk of developing heart disease and gives a boost to your bone health. Besides, there is always the amazing part where your muscles are strengthened if you go on a hike regularly.

Whether you pick slickrock hiking trails in Utah or want to go along the water routes in the region, the benefits would remain the same. The only difference tends to come when you start looking at what every route has to offer. Some of the best day hikes to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument have been listed over here.

1.Dreamy Draw loop route: This slickrock route is a classic. Solitary and compelling at the same time, this is one of those routes that host unnamed curiosities. In other words, every hiker on this route is most likely to be greeted with the most unexpected marvels of nature.

2.Private Island circuit: Descending into a creek canyon, the ascent leads among pinyon and juniper, then onto ramping sandstone.

3.Whirling Dervish Reef round trip: This is basically a freelancing “slickwalk” over and around a mini-mountain-range of whirling, sandstone peaks.

4.One way Manifest Destiny: You can expect to get an insight into local history as well as an elegant descent into an impressive canyon. And of all of that in just 4 to 5 hours.

5.The Sky Train round trip: This accordion-pleated high desert has a relatively level ridge that is quite a topographical rarity. Besides, there is a wonderful hidden archaeological site to venture into.

6.Witchcraft Cauldron circuit: After a span of about five hours, you would stumble upon the most picturesque landscapes you could have ever dreamed of.

7.All You Can Eat loop: As the name suggests, you can expect to feast on a buffet of unique cuisine.

8.Never Speak of It Gulch round trip: If you go fast, this trip can be completed in as less as five hours.

9.The Rock Whisperer loop: Lasting almost a duration of seven to 7.5 hours, hiking on this route is challenging and exciting as well as rewarding with an astonishing rock art site on the far bank.

10.One way Buckle up: You can complete this hike in 6.5 to 7.5 hours. The highlights include a historic cabin, swirling multi-colored sandstone and beautiful creeks.

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