I know You Want Effortless Chic: 3 Tips to Buy Casual Slits

The thigh-high slits might belong to the red carpet. In real life, a modest and less dramatic slit dress can be tasteful, subtle sexy as well as preventing wardrobe malfunction. It’s your ultimate flattering piece for achieving effortless chic. Here are 3 tips for you if you are ready to show a little leg.

#1 Choose Flowing Fabric

Gigi Hadid has an amazing style on and off the runway. The slit white dress she styled at the Coachella Music and Art Festival created a free and flowy bohemian style. The fabric needs to be lightweight and flowing (like satin and rayon) to allow for movement and effortlessly flowing over your legs.

Gigi Hadid

Adding slits to pencil skirts is sexy and classic but not appropriate for work. As a casual outfit, it’s more predictable and provide less imagination since it doesn’t stretch or flow like rayon.


# 2 Style with Nude Shoes

The key is choosing nude colored heels or sandals with less straps to make your feet look naked like Gigi to elongate your legs even more. I feel sorry every time I admire miles of gorgeous legs and look down to find some wedges or sneakers.


#3 Go easy on the rest of the look

Slit is eye-catching enough. So stay simple for the rest of the look to avoid distractions of statement earrings, large print blouses. Wearing whole black can balance the look if you really need to show off belly.


The best contrasting color combination must be black and white.

The last 2 tips can be applied to most of daily outfits. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.