[Hilarium ICO Talk] Bidipass President Fernando Albarránst to reach the blockchain-friendly markets

JP Details: https://hilariumfoundation.blogspot.com/2018/04/hilarium-ico-bidipassico.html

Bidipass President Fernando Albarrán Santana says “Of special interest to reach the blockchain-friendly markets beyond Latin America to Asia.”

Digital identity authentication platform based in Panama… signs MOU with Hilarium Blockchain Foundation

BidiPass launches public pre-sale session from March 31 to April 19th, 2018.

“Bidipass is a global platform that allows identity authentication anywhere at anytime

by using coins (Bidicoin). Our team wants to raise awareness of Bidipass technology

and ICO in Korea.”

Bidipass, a new digital identity authentication platform enterprise, visited Korea to join

the first annual blockchain forum ’Deconomy 2018’ — held from April 3rd-4th at

Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul, Korea.

The purpose of their visit was to present Bidipass technology and their ongoing ICO

to the markets in Asia, including Korea.

During their visit, moreover, Bidipass signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

with Hilarium Blockchain (CEO Seung-hoon Park).

On April 6th, Bidipass CEO Fernando Albarrán (middle), Bidipass employees and

Hilarium President Seung-hoon Park (right) had a meeting at the main office of


President Fernando Albarrán, who visited the office of ‘The BCHAIN’ on April 6th,

spoke about the purpose of their visit. He mentioned that “Korea is the critical hub

of ICOs worldwide”, and that he wants to “first raise awareness of Bidipass technology

and ICO in Korea, then begin their advance to Asia market”.

Bidipass, a subsidiary company of LEVERIT Panama, is currently on its development to a

digital identity authentication platform, which is protected by international and national


President Albarrán explained that “Bidipass is applicable for any process of

authentication, either on-site financial institutions such as banks and stock exchanges

or on-line shops”.

Bidipass’s ICO token sale is under way. After their private pre-sale on March 1st,

its public pre-sale is continuing on from March 31st to April 19th.

Then, their public sale will begin on April 26th and go on for 8 weeks.

The target amount is 500 BTC during pre-sale, and 2000~6000 BTC during public ICO.

Besides, with the recent MOU, Bidipass has promised to support the advance of Hilarium

Blockchain Foundation into Spanish-speaking markets such as Latin America and North

Africa. Hilarium, in return, aims to support Bidipass’s advance in Blockchain-friendly

markets in Asia, including Korea and Japan.

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