Southwark Council – Digital Futures Month Talk

Here was the brief:

  • Data and Analytics
  • Learn and be inspired by initiatives within the council and other organisations and see how to use amazing services driven by the smart use of data.
  • Smart Cities and Human Centred design.

“Find out about the ethical use of data to inform decision making and how it can solve real world problems for real people”

Change mindset

In this session I hope that I can help to switch your Mindset and make you all want to do something different. …

A short blog on LinkedIn about legacy systems suppliers back in March attracted a great deal of interest amongst local government and Small and Medium sized software companies.

So we decided to see if people would come to an unConference to start to unpack the issues.

The University of Birmingham Business School CityREDI offered a free venue and 5 suppliers kindly sponsored the event.

About 50 people attended during the day – we’ll try for more in future – with such a short period of time to get people on board we were pleased with the numbers – more so…

Top tips

  • De-mystify job descriptions and job ads
  • Speak to as many applicants as possible.
  • If you get quick learners into your organisation you can free up others in the organisation to move up. You’ll have a more resilient workforce and knowledge transfer can be achieved fast.
  • Don’t narrow down the applicants using criteria like Russell universities only or only 2.1 degrees or above (Or in fact a degree at all) . IT people don’t have to have IT degrees e.g. Geographers can make excellent big data people.

There is a huge range of jobs in Technology – something for…

This was my original pitch for Sleuth Cooperative – and what we have in mind for the end game


7 issues I care about and have personal experience of:

I believe in a data informed public service revolution.

The Technology skills shortage is slowing innovation – particularly data scientists.

Technology establishment organisational culture is causing stress and retention problems – with very unclear standards of behaviour.

Diverse and neuro diverse technology teams work faster and get the best results – if they work to their strengths (my team in Camden).

Very late diagnosis of women with autism / Asperger’s (often…

Who will be the Technology Workers of 2030 – how do we find them – how do we grow them?

My talk yesterday to the Commonwealth Parliamentarians Conference on the 4th Industrial Revolution

About me – these are my human characteristics

  • Like all of you – I am sure – I am not what I seem. My degree is in Physics. I worked for over 10 years with deprived communities in central London – I’ve been invited into 1000s of people’s homes and experienced how they live.
  • Then I’ve had 20 years in the masculine world of information technology.
  • My hobbies are swimming in freezing cold rivers and ponds and high diving. Low temperatures and highs platforms. …

Three new priorities – using the General data Protection Regulation as a spur for the Public Sector

My hobbies are wild swimming and high diving. I like to dive in – an approach I take in all aspects of life, not just the swimming pool!

I try to bring a different perspective to old problems or established ways of thinking. Today, I’d like to offer my own take on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) challenge.

GDPR – a great opportunity

Be honest – are you really thinking that GDPR is an expensive headache and a distraction from your main…

9 Steps to solve collective problems

  • Define a problem in terms of the outcome – the change of state you need
  • Try and solve it (experiment)
  • Tweak it to eliminate the error and failures
  • Deconstruct how you did it – write it down – make it repeatable
  • Make it as flexible, transferable, repeatable, cheap and quick as possible
  • Find other people with a similar problem who want help and will listen – and help them
  • Share your solution
  • Make it work in the widest possible environments
  • Move on to solving the next problem

Where is progressive problem solving breaking down?

Can UK Local Government innovate and save money faster by less reinvention –…

Hilary Simpson

Sleuth Founder - Wise woman in Public sector technology and information. Wild swimmer and competitive high diver.

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