A hands-on workshop about active listening

by Hilary Dwyer, Elizabeth Quigley and Chris Short

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We created a workshop to disrupt how our colleagues talk with customers, and it’s working. Since its inception last fall, Interviewing Customers: The LogMeIn Way has trained over 150 colleagues about active listening, asking good questions, mitigating bias, and analyzing data. We’ve seen colleagues schedule and run their own research sessions, and express greater empathy towards the struggles and delights of our customers.

As product organizations continue to grow, talking with and listening to customers becomes essential to knowing what to build and how to build it. However, most organizations — ours included — employ a limited number of UX researchers. In fact, only ten UX researchers support our seventeen products and 3,000 colleagues. …

4 reasons why your org needs co-design!

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Last year, we ran co-design sessions for the first time with immense success. We invited users to edit, revise, and sketch paper prototypes with our designers. We replaced a series of usability interviews with a handful of deep design conversations. Our team’s thinking converged, and we shipped a final design quickly to the leadership and development teams.

Then something happened we didn’t expect.

Our colleagues stayed curious about how the designs were progressing and asked when we would run the sessions again. We found ourselves presenting our co-design experiences in different spaces such as all-hands, engineering meetings, and leadership offsites. Cross-functional teams wanted to know our process and setup. We watched as stakeholders embraced our co-design stories, visuals, and artifacts in ways they hadn’t with other methods. Even better, within a few months teams from other business areas began experimenting with co-design like we had. …


Hilary Dwyer

Senior UX Researcher | LogMeIn

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