Debasing the Democratic Base

I dealt with this topic previously in “The Fix Is in … Against Hillary Voters,” but I am not done.

We have heard Democratic leaders imply that the 2016 Democratic Primary was rigged, echoing an accusation made by many Bernie Sanders supporters. This is not just criticizing the DNC and Hillary Clinton; it is dismissing Hillary Clinton voters. And considering in the primary, she won women and overwhelmingly, minority voters (Democrats’ most reliable supporters), people who cry rigged are delegitimizing the Democratic base.

Many of the Party’s leadership have taken this slam Hillary Clinton and her supporters route. I guess they think the future lies with the young Sanders backers, so forget us. Why play to people like me? I am in my 40s after all and will die soon anyway.

The leadership treats Sanders people with deference because they want to bring them into their home. Loyal Democratic voters are already in their home, so why respect us? It’s like how everyone is rude to their family, but polite to guests. “Welcome to our home, Sanders supporters. [Democratic leaders bow to them.] Come in. Get off the couch so our guests can sit. Get up, honey!” We, the base, are “honey.”

Like their leader, many of Sanders voters hate the Democratic Party. So, to woo them, the Party leaderships has to hate themselves: “Join us. We know we are weak and feeble. We know our elections are “rigged” and our voters are sheep.” It is demoralizing for the base, but so what? They know we suckers will show up and vote for them anyway.

Appeasing Sanders supporters, DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison even said that we would not know the results of the primary if not for DNC bias, echoing the “rigged” claims. What he was getting at was of course people’s choice would be Sanders if only he were given a chance to be heard. No, we heard him. We heard that if he just says “political revolution,” we will magically get things like free college — and barriers like the lack of majority in Congress, gerrymandering, voter suppression, the need for any compromise, and something called Republicans, will vanish. Yes we heard. A little birdie told us.

I would like to send all of these thoughts to the DNC. But they would probably find out that I am an actual Democratic voter and say, “Shut up, honey. Talk to the birdie.”

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