Tony won’t because Tony can’t.

He won’t be a successful leader again because he can’t admit his mistake.

Once a leader makes a mistake they loose our trust.

It’s not the mistake that is the problem. We all make mistakes.

The problem occurs because we see a mistake and they don’t.

This means the test – whether they see the mistake or not – is not whether they see it or not.

Instead the test is whether they tell us that they’ve seen it.

Without that it's like someone falling into a hole and trying to shout their way out of it. To get out you first have to admit you fell into a hole.

If they don’t make that admission they are still at the bottom of the hole – whatever they say.

It’s ok. Many of us have done it too.

We get falling into holes. What we don’t get is not admitting it.

Tony won’t because he can’t.

He’s not alone. What politician nowadays admits they got it wrong?

It’s why there is so little trust in politics any more.

Go on Tony, prove me wrong.