Let’s See What Develops, Pt. 10

I am getting back into the routine of writing. After months and months, the elusive time and space that I’ve been craving to set my work life to rights has materialized. I have an office. I have a desk and a comfortable chair. I have sorted through the water-logged bits and bobs salvaged from my old desk, filing what’s legible and casting off what isn’t. I’m revising older posts to see if some old ideas can jumpstart the creative engine.

As it turns out, I’d started several drafts from the five blog buckets I made for myself several months ago. I’d chosen about five areas that I want to cultivate on the blog: Writing, Family Life, Fitness, Self, and Photography. Notice that those same areas are the ones I write most about on this blog.

The old goal was to choose a bucket each day and spend time reading, brain-storming, note taking, and creating. Each day, I’d gotten sidetracked by Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Eventually, I’d redirect myself back to my keyboard and start writing. Just as I’d be hitting my stride, someone it was time to pick someone up from some activity.

In order to bypass the pre-work foolishness and get down to business, I’ve scaled down the plan. In the past, I’ve touted quietly setting goals, but I want to share how I plan to get from A to B because I know I’m not the only one trying smash some goals out here. There are so many motivational quotes about how to reach your goals, how to persevere, and how the whole thing is a journey to appreciate not a race that has to be won. All true, in fact. For me, though, when I think about getting myself for here to there, one poem always pops into my head.

how do you eat a whale, melinda mae, shel silverstein, one bite at a time, goals

Illustration by Shel Silverstein

To get from goals to achievement, you need discipline and consistency. One bite at a time, just like Melinda Mae.

So, I’m back to work. First up? The list of interview questions from the photography blog, Click It Up a Notch. These are a series of photographer interviews that I read years ago. I’m a little more than half-way done. If I’m perfectly honest, it was starting to feel a bit like homework, but now, not so much. More of a getting to know you (or me, as it were) exercise.

*photographer interview questions courtesy of Courtney Slazinik of Click It Up a Notch.

If You Had $5000 to spend on photography gear, what would you buy?

If I had $5000, photography gear would not be the first thing on my mind. That being said, if the money was specifically earmarked for photography gear, there are a few things on my wish list.

  • A new camera body. I’ve been using the very first (and only) camera body that I bought. It’s time for an upgrade. Plus, I’d like to be able to switch between camera bodies while shooting instead of breaking flow to remove and replace lenses mid shoot.
  • New lens(es). If I make the switch from Nikon to Canon with this new camera body, I’ll need some new glass to go with it, preferably a 50mm f1.8. That’s my favorite lens besides my 18–55mm f3.5. Oh, and my 70–200mm f4!
  • Editing software. Again, I’m working on an older vintage version of LightRoom that probably doesn’t even exist anymore.
  • Photo Printer. I still print my photos and put them into albums. It would be so nice to breakup with the photo by mail service and have a quality printer in my office.
  • Childcare — so I can take classes! There are dozens of workshops available that provide instruction on everything from camera basics to shooting portraits to understanding editing software. I’d take a class on shooting with film and developing in a darkroom. I’d like to do a long week-end immersion program or a photography trip where your destination is the classroom. Your subjects are the locals, the architecture, the culture. I’m a visual learner who would appreciate having the opportunity for a hands on experience.

Until that 5k comes in, I’ll shoulder my Nikon D5000 with my “nifty fifty” to snap photos of my kids which I’ll tweak in LR before sending off to Shutterfly. This routine has been so good to me for so long.

Originally published at Hilary With One L.