The Strength It Takes

I never knew the strength it takes to hide behind the shadows

I always thought the fearful were the ones who ran away

It seems to me, “reality” has skewed the definition

Don’t they get one must be scared in order to be brave?

Don’t they understand that sometimes COURAGE…walks away?

It’s clear that what I want is not the future that you need

But to give it up and move along? To just get up and leave?

If someone’s not afraid of change, they’ve never really wavered

Not until they’ve thought that even frightened mice were braver

Not til they think to cut their heart in half… would be a favor

When they shield themselves with silence, when they cloak their hearts with lies

When deception is their camouflage to hide the fire inside

When they’ll put themselves through misery to make another smile

Then they can say they know my pain…THEN they can judge my life

When they continue breathing… even though their heart has died

It hurts to see you see yourself as textbook imperfection

Your scars are only proof you haven’t lived your life -protected-

Your flaws, when one adores your soul, will always be accepted

It hurts my heart that I can’t be the one to treat you like a King

Hurts to know I’m nothing but a puppet on your string

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You said that to me once

But you seem to do a decent job of speaking to me twice a month

You may not mean to lead me on… maybe you don’t know

Maybe you feel something too, and you’re just scared to let it show

Most likely, you feel nothing… and it’s far past time I let you go

So from now on, I won’t tell you that you always make my day

I won’t tell you that I miss you when you disappear for days

I won’t tell you that I love you, that you’re always on my mind

I know for me to let you go, I have to cut the wire

I can’t just cover up the smoke…I must put out the fire

I only want whats best for you. I hope you get your dreams

It’s just time for me to realize that neither of those things is me

I’ll go my way. You’ll go yours. We’ll lead our separate lives

We’ll talk about us catching up, but never make the time

In the past, I ran away… afraid to give my heart

This isn’t fear, it’s only doing what is right…although it’s hard

I’ll let “what if”s fade into “we were never meant to know”

For you, I’ll find the strength it takes to hide behind the shadows