Unpopular Opinion: Technology Gets a Bad Rap.

Unpopular opinion: I believe technology gets a bad rap.

I’m keenly aware that I wouldn’t be able to have the career that I do without laptops, social media, and technology that make it possible to work remotely.

This was my Monday: woke up, graded work for the online class I teach at SNHU, went for a quick run in my neighborhood, had a FaceTime meeting with my assistant who has helped design an amazing downloadable piece that we are debuting Friday via Facebook Live, made some edits to a copywriting project I’m working on with a client whose company is headquartered in Virginia Beach but who lives in Nashville, spent the afternoon working remotely for McKinley, and then spent the early hours of my evening filming and submitting a self-tape audition for a commercial project before a late dinner. Then used WeTransfer to send the files to the casting directors in Charlottesville as well as a friend in Vancouver.

Without the technology that differentiates this decade from the 80’s, 90’s, and heck, even early 2000s, I simply wouldn’t be able to be a freelance writer/content marketing consultant/communications professor/actor. And I really, really like doing that combination of things.

So, yes, I prefer this era of cat videos and annoying political posts. I’ll take the era of people being glued to their screens and swiping right. It’s a give and take. And what it gives me is options and opportunity. And I LOVE that.

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