Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Full movie

I am not a critic nor someone hating on DC or Marvel. I just love movies, movies are a time for me to escape the troubles of the day, week, month, or year. I have waited my lifetime for this moment, I turn 50 tomorrow. Batman Vs Superman movie had its slow spots but what movie hasn’t, I liked the move. The action was amazing Ben OH my god what can you say, he is the new Batman. I believe critics go into movies expecting something grandiose, this movie scratched an itch that we all who love comics have had for the longest time. I have heard and read all the arguments, Superman does not do this, Batman does not do that and how did Wonder woman get such power. I don’t care the movie was great, I enter a movie with an open mind. I understand if you have no understanding of the Multiverse or of the Elseworlds comics at this moment there are 52 Iteration’s of all our heroes. The Multiverse has heroes we have yet to see, who is to say this is just another version of the heroes we grew up with in the comics. All in all just keep an open mind and go see the movie, I loved it.

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