Hello there!

I took several elements that I’ve designed for various projects and inspiration around the web, and collected them into a UI starter kit. This kit is themed, so you have 3 theme choices, to better suit the mood

Enjoy, and I’d love to see how you used it in your projects.

Theme: Wintera

Review: iPad Pro and Pencil — for those who look for a designer’s perspective

Credit: Hila Yonatan

As I approach to review an Apple product — it would be appropriate to start out with a short disclaimer: I’m not an Apple avid user. In fact, I tend to enjoy the best that every platform has to offer. …

Working Agile: Nine Questions to Robert Stulle, a leading Agile expert

Just before Robert’s lecture at an Israeli UX convention, I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

  1. You advocate the Agile practice and speak of it as a game changer in your own organization.
    What tips would you give a small team (a pair, for example) or even an independent professional, so they’d enjoy some of Agile’s benefits?

Working with agile methods is best done in multidisciplinary teams. Two people can be a team but it is hard. A single person has no one but herself to…

Hila Yonatan

I enjoy new gadgets and apps, find inspiration in the unexpected places. I’m a User Experience designer. Good music from my speakers when working is a must :)

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