8 Awesome Tips On How To Get Hired As a Millennial

According to a millennial!

Being labeled a millennial is a both a curse and a gift. One one hand you’re viewed as young, technically able, energetic, and fresh. But then again we also get viewed as immature, indecisive, lazy, and selfish.

It seems like everyday we’re hit with serious (yet hilarious) headlines about yet another product or industry that our generation has killed. Is it really our fault we don’t like cereal?

When it comes to getting hired though, being a Millennial can be an asset. Here are a few easy, amazing tips on how to get hired (or at least work towards making yourself hireable for the future!)

  1. Get Experience

No doubt you’ve heard this from everyone, from your parents to your teachers. Here’s the thing, experience is important. But experience doesn’t always mean the traditional internship/job.

I was told to get an internship from the moment I graduated high school. I never did though. I went to school in a city where I had no family so an internship during the summer meant extra stress and money in regards to finding off campus housing/furniture/expenses. Plus, I wanted my few months of freedom.

But I got hired within 6 months of graduating University. I didn’t have internships, and I really don’t like to count my part-time job at Hollister.

I still had experience though. Job experience can be anything as long as you word it right on your resume.

See, I loved to kill time in my boring classed by working as a Buzzfeed Community Contributor. What that means is I made quizzes and posts that got promoted through Buzzfeed. I got millions (seriously, millions) of views, shares, and engagements.

When the panic of applying for jobs set in, the realization that I had no internships under my belt started to hit. Then I realized I had more experience creating content than I would have gotten from getting coffee at an internship.

So get experience, but don’t pressure or limit yourself to internships. Write a blog, create content, volunteer, do anything to gain experience. And then sell the hell out of it.

2. Milk the Stereotypes

There is this profound, all encompassing stereotype that millennials are great with technology. It isn’t always true but you should sure as hell play it up.

Companies today are looking for young, tech savvy individuals. After all, that’s where the future is heading (tbh we’re kind of already there).

People tend to think they should say they’re good with technology just because they don’t have a Computer Science degree. But chances are you have more experience with programs than you think.

Most jobs, outside of the Computer Science and Engineering fields, just want you to be able to use programs you’ve been using for years. Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Social Media sites. Your years of writing essays, editing pictures, and posting selfies are valuable.

So milk those positive stereotypes Millennials have. Damn right you’re fresh, young and energetic (they don’t need to know you spend every weekend in sweatpants watching Netflix).

3. Dress Accordingly

There are different dress codes for different industries. Thankfully, very few require a full suit anymore. But no matter the industry there’s a rule that you dress slightly nicer than necessary during the interview process.

It’s important to dress accordingly- don’t be over dressed, and don’t be underdressed.

The best way to do this is to research. I googled “appropriate interview attire for….” before every interview. The digital marketing field was hard though. Business causal can range from a causal suit to jeans and a blazer. But don’t trust Google alone. I did and well…

I’ll never forget the first interview I went on. I felt amazing and mature in my dress pants, button down and blazer. It wasn’t a full pants suit, but it was nice and professional.

The receptionist greeted me wearing a crop top and leggings. The office was full of jeans and t-shirt.

I just about died of embarrassment. I stuck out so much.

Look up company pictures. Social media like Instagram and Facebook are good for this. Look at pictures of office parties and events. What are they wearing? Whatever it is just bump it up a notch.


This is in all caps because it’s necessary.

My boyfriend works in HR, hiring millennials. He’s never felt more embarrassed to be one himself. The amount of times these Millennials show up without even knowing the name of the company is ridiculous.

So please, please, please, please, research the company before the interview.

Re-read the job post. Go over your resume. Go through their company website. Look up any recent news related to them or the industry. Scroll through their social media.

It’s also a good idea to check out where your interview is beforehand. Google maps how long it will take you to get there so you can be prepared.

5. Proofread

After telling you guys to proofread, chances are karma is going to hit and I’ll have a huge grammatical mistake in this post.

The point is though, that an obvious spelling or grammatical mistake in your resume, cover letter, or emails will a big deal. There is no way a company is going to believe you have good attention to detail to you misspelled corporation as “corparation”.

Make sure you have friends, family, and others reread everything before submitting it. Don’t strictly rely on Word’s spell check or Grammarly as they can miss things.

Oh, and another small- scratch that, huge thing.


Most companies will overlook a mistake or two unless that mistake is made on their company name or their own.

6. Be Yourself

I know, I know, that is like the most cliche advice I could ever give.

It’s also the best. Companies want to hire people that have personality. They especially want to hire people with personalities that match the work environment.

If you go in pretending to be someone you’re not and get hired, there’s a chance you’ll be miserable while you’re there. Either from having to maintain the facade or from it being a wrong fit.

Answer all their questions honestly and openly. Sure, sugar coat the rough patches. They don’t need to know you quit intramural basketball in college because your teammate slept with your ex. But don’t claim you could have been the next NBA star either.

When you go in for an interview present your Instagram self. The filtered, most beautiful and polished version of yourself.

7. Clean Up Your Online Presence

Employers being able to know personal details about you is a curse that Millennials have to face. You can bet that your potential employer will do a quick search of you and look through any and all social medias you have.

Either you can make them private, or your can clean them up. In reality, you should do the later, just because of maturity and all that. Also, you do want to show up when they search you.

You don’t have to delete every picture of you having fun. But there is a difference between you drinking a glass of rose by the pool and you passed out in a club booth.

While doing this it’s also a good time to set up a LinkedIn account if you don’t already have one. I swear having one was like the biggest deal a few years ago.

I made mine the day I started to job hunt. I have under 10 connections, two of which are my parents. LinkedIn can be a great tool (I looked for jobs on there myself) but honestly its not the biggest deal anymore.

Time to embrace your Millennial label and start killing it in the adult world! (A fair warning, adulting is a lot harder and less fun than you thought it would be as a kid.)

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