‘My eyelashes catch my sweat’ — How women responded to a photograph of eleven year old with body…
Kristie De Garis

It’s a lovely picture! She looks both confident and relaxed. Thank you for being your daughter’s rock the same way my mother was for me — as a counterweight to the peer pressure young girls experience, especially at school. In my case that gave me the strength and confidence to wear what I wanted and be what I wanted as I grew up, and I believe that your daughter will receive that same gift from you.

On another note it still took me until adulthood to be able to say f* it and stop shaving (it’s boring, unnecessary, feels weird and frankly makes me sweat more!) so she’s already ahead of me. 😁

Please tell Anna that if there’s something she wants to do or a way she wants to be staying true to that is absolutely worth it, even if it makes being a kid or a teenager seem hellish sometimes. When you come out on the other side you will be much more happy and sure of yourself than those who cave to the pressure. It gives you a solid core that you can always hold on to, and with your mother’s help you should get there just fine.

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