Marcus Hiles of San Antonio — The Price of Entrepreneurial Success

Marcus Hiles of San Antonio has built an incredible company in the field of real estate.

Some people think that the price of entrepreneurial success is too much to pay, and for some, this is indeed a true statement. There are people who are not cut out to be entrepreneurs. They’ll be happier and do a better job when working for someone else, showing up at the office in the morning, and leaving their jobs behind them at 6pm.

However, there is a great misunderstanding about the price of success in business.

Every choice in life has its consequences and its price. The person who chooses to stay at the same job performing the same duties for thirty years will most likely have to pay for stability and benefits with boredom, frustration, and unrealized potential. Today, people who try to follow this model sometimes pay an even higher price because jobs get outsourced, companies get bought, and some industries even disappear completely. Such people then enter the workforce market with outdated skills and a resume that is very unattractive to new employers.

Entrepreneurial success does come at a high price. If you run your own business, you can’t call in sick. You can’t leave at 5pm and forget about all your duties and responsibilities until the next day. If there’s a deadline coming, you must meet it, even if this means getting only a few hours of sleep and missing a dinner with your family.

At the same time, there are plenty of fathers and mothers who are physically home every night, but mentally and emotionally, they are exhausted by the jobs that they hate and bosses that frustrate them every day.

The reality is that every life you choose comes with a price, its own pros and cons. Even if you become as successful as Marcus Hiles San Antonio you will still have choices to make and price to pay for them.