On Gay Rights

I understand that many have emotional ties to social issues like this one and tend to read through slits between their eyelids. But I want to remind you that principle is king and decisions should be made from it calmly so that you can have confidence when the boat begins to rock.

So what principle do we use in America again?


What is freedom?

The ability to do whatever you want to do as long as it doesn’t DIRECTLY infringe upon the rights of others or RECKLESSLY endanger them.

Does the marriage of 2 gay people do either of those things?


Should they be allowed to marry?

Yes (as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others).

But what about marriage being a sacred bond?

The word “sacred” implies God. And not only is there a separation of church and state, but Christians should remember that people come to Christ first, then are compelled to follow the rules, not the other way around. Trying to make people obey laws they don’t believe in is called oppression and pushes them away anyway. (This is why we (should) directly oppose sharia law.)

And this is why there should be a distinction between state-level and church-level marriages. The government can’t tell churches who to marry, and churches can’t tell the government who gets legal statuses.

But what about adoption?

This one seems tougher because we’re dealing with minors, and thereby potential victims. Because there is no palpable direct harm to children from having homosexual parents and governments should never micro-manage the raising of children, objectors must procure proof that there is actual harm… of which there is enough.

Sane people don’t argue it’s not preferable to have a male and a female raising a child; we know intuitively and statistically that mommy and daddy issues are real things. But aside from an absent parental figure not being uncommon, it is also not the worst thing; we all know of children with heterosexual parents who would be better off with a pack of wolves let alone two chicks or dudes who genuinely care and want a better life for children.

Just like single men and women, homosexual couples should have the right to adopt children but shouldn’t be seen as the optimal situation.

Aaaand that’s all there is to it… as far as I can see… at the moment. Love me? Hate me? Wanna flame me? Leave a comment below or follow me around on social media and say mean things because people are more likely to see it there.

Brap brap, love love.