An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I’m quite appalled by this letter. Talia Jane — I know you’re young and struggling but had you ever thought to take these complaints and concerns to your boss to give them the chance to offer a solution? And if they couldn’t offer a solution, you were an employee at will and could leave for another job (perhaps CVS! What’s wrong with that anyway?) at any time. I’ve been 25 and I’ve worked for a start up and have worked in other jobs where I didn’t make much money while I was strapped with student loans, a car payment and rent while feeding myself sans health insurance or benefits. You know what I did? Got a second job. Made a budget. Lived with roommates.

If you want to fight for a cause and stick up for yourself and your fellow underpaid employees that can be quite honorable if you go about it the right way. Don’t be so passive aggressive about it by taking it straight to the internet, hiding behind your computer screen. You want to be paid like an adult, act like an adult and have an adult conversation. This is the quintessential example of why older generations think of millennials as entitled, lazy brats. Speaking out is not a bad thing, but think about your platform and your approach before you do so. There can be a lot of power in a one on one conversation with someone.

Instead of a gofundme account perhaps someone should offer Talia some mentoring. Teach a woman to fish and feed her for a lifetime.

I wish you luck and I hope you learned from this experience.

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