Indoor Herb Garden

– Herb plants of your choice (I did chives, cilantro, parsley, & basil)
– Enough terra-cotta pots for your herbs
– 2 bottles of acrylic paint (one for the base color & one for writing)
– Paint sponges (for base color)
– Small paint brush (for writing)
– Herb names printed on a sheet of paper
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Soil for planting


Paint your pots! Put one coat of white just on the bottoms of the pots and left the rims unpainted. You of course can do them any way you want! Maybe you want stripes or two different colors, let you imagination run wild!

(step 1) Now for the words on your pots, open a word document, and type out your herb names. then find a font and size and print it out

(step 2) Cut the words out as close as you could

(step 3) Lastly, shade the back of each word with a pencil to make transferring them to your pots easier.

You could also free hand your herb names. Next place the word you want on the pot and trace with a pencil. It’s important to press down firmly to get the word to transfer to the pot.

Plant your herbs, give them a good water, and bring them inside to have handy in the kitchen!


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