Inspire and Succeed

Growing up you are told girls have certain roles and should be something in life where women are accepted. for example people said ‘Hilina you should be a nurse “ , i do not see being a nurse a only women thing to do but i believe both gender can be anything they want to be. let me tell you about a girl who didn’t fall for society and wanted to be what she wanted to do and want going to prove people and inspire people they can be anything they want be . this girl loved to be different and was probably a little different then other when i mean by ‘different’ . Hilina saw everything that Technology did in her life it inspired it, i always was a little more into compelling a challenge even though it could take me forever i still wanted to succeed in any challenge given to me. i move to the city of lights and grinding after attending a university in Radford ,Virginia i knew i wanted to move to the city and inspire other african women and women in general with making it in the IT world. i grew up seeing men only in that field where it made me wonder why is not there a lot of women in this field. actually i love it because it showed me that i could be that women to change people life and inspire one another that the computer information systems and coding is not a Men field only. i was the only girls in most of my classes and i remember walking into my class and one my teachers asked “if i was in the wrong class” and i said” why” and because he said i would except you as a coder and i said ‘ well hi my name is Hilina “. yes i might dress stylish and might like make up but does not mean i cant code. The day i was confronted i knew i wanted to spend my time learning all the coding languages and inspire women that you can becoming anything you want and i wanted to walk into any job offer and say yes i know all the languages in coding and hacking or how to build a website , i want to be a software engineer . i wanted to learn more and more. i was inspired and this is why i am here today writing this because i see myself learning more at The Holberton School i was learn more and more and i see that this school is hands on and can help me achieve the goal i would like to succeed . i want be somewhere i can relate and be in a class that everyone inspire each other and help because we are in a world where people like to see you fail more then succeed. no worries i wont be failing , i will be what i am inspired to become.

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