Redefine Yourself in 3 Actions and Affirmations.

What does redefining mean? It means to reexamine or reevaluate especially with a view to change (Merriam-Webster dictionary). Redefining is a process for anyone to use, but one must be willing to change. He or she must decide to commit to the process until it becomes their natural practice. Redefining is not just for those who are poor and destitute, but it can be for the affluent as well. Whatever your status is, you could fall under the category of one who needs to redefine, because it’s more about an internal change, more than an external change, although our external decision will be addressed, but I believe when one changes internally, you will begin to see an external change as well. I want to show you and take you through some actions on how to redefine yourself. I will also provide you with a simple name tool to affirm and reaffirm you daily.

Action 1. Believe In Yourself

This is not as easy as it reads or sounds. Self-doubt, intimidation, hurtful past, these and other negative positions will try and trump your positive perspective about yourself and about your life. Lets face it, your anointing has an antagonist. But you must begin to practice a new positive perspective; and that is

is believing in yourself, believing that you are filled with purpose and that you are important to the contributions to this society, beginning right where you are. In this process of redefining, believing in yourself is a major hurdle, so to get past this, it will be a major step, you'll discover it made the load lighter. When you start believing in yourself, and in your ability to do what you were born for, certain people will see it, and start believing in you to.

Action 2. Be Born Again: Rebirth

Obviously you can't physically be reborn, but you can experience a re-birthing, a renewing of your heart, soul, and mind. This goes to the heart of that internal redefining process. This also goes to the fact, it doesn't matter your status in life, affluent or otherwise, this re birthing is a must for all who desire to redefine themselves. Renewing, re-birthing, does not come without revelation. Revelation is being enlightened to the truth about who you currently are and who have the potential of becoming. Revelation is not about who other people want you to be, but its about determining who you should be. Revelation is about seeing things differently than you once did. This may be a little challenging at first, because you can be use to thinking a certain way, perhaps from what you've learned over the years, for example, the way you grew up, habits formed, certain teaching, and following certain people of influence. In the redefining process you are basically doing away with the old, and learning the new things and adopting those new things as a new way of thinking and living. In this redefining process, here are three immediate things you can do to get you going.

A. Look to someone who has proven themselves to be redefined. Go and find them, find out as much about their life and process.

B. Listen to them

C. Learn about them, internalize it

Action 3. Be A Blessing

There's nothing like redefining yourself and among your goals, you've determined to help others. This kind of thinking will set you apart almost immediately. Because we live in such a selfish society, "A me society" is what Bishop James Dixon characterize it as. When one is redefining him or herself, getting past "me" is a monumental move, because to deny oneself for the welfare of others goes to the heart of what it means to be human. The common mistake is trying to help many people at one time, instead of helping people one at a time. As your influence grows so will the opportunity to bless more people at a given time. Redefining also calls for a redistributing of tangible resources, in other word search for credible causes you can sow into, but redefining will suggest it goes beyond the tangible, which is your time, your compassion, and your love for your neighbor. Let me warn you, just because you changed, doesn't mean that everyone around you will do the same. I write this because you will be tempted to think it was wrong to redefine, because some people you know are choosing not to follow suit, but stay the course, who you're becoming will be what they need when they desire to redefine. And know this for sure, you being a blessing to others acts as compensation and is the positive emotion that you need, so be faithful to it. Now go on, and commit to redefining yourself. Your future self will be glad that you did.

In the introduction, I said I would show you a simple name tool, as you begin the process of redefining yourself. This is designed to help affirm and reaffirm how you view yourself. I will use my name as an example. The idea is to use each letter in your first name and write out a positive characteristic, or a encouraging phrase about yourself.

When affirming and reaffirming, begin with " I am" for example " I am persistent" or "I am an Encourager". This helps to reinforce your redefining.

My name: PERNELL








Remember, you must decide to commit to the process until it becomes your natural practice.

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