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Hi everyone, first time publishing on Medium. I am Jiuyuan(Hill) Tan, an international student here at the University of Sydney. I am the founding president of USYD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Society, a non-profit student blockchain community under the University of Sydney Union. We plan on frequently publishing as a collaborative effort from members. We appreciate your feedback so please leave them in the comment section or contact us directly on our Facebook page:

This report is for informational purposes only, not investment or legal advice.

Co-author: Andrew Hwang (member)

Part 1: introduction to Libra


Libra is a cryptocurrency developed by Facebook/Calibra designed to be highly scalable and facilitate low-friction transactions. According to the Libra Foundation, the key goal of Libra is the economic empowerment of 1.7 billion unbanked, economically insecure people in the developing world. As they outline in their problem…


Jiuyuan (Hill) Tan

Founding President @USYD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Society. PM @SignKeys. Business & Operations Manager @JFR Mediatech.

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