Um, everything you wrote applies also to pro-choice politicians. Good try.
Eric Collins

Nonsense. The women and men who champion a woman’s right to determine what to do with her body and the fetus that grows in it, understand and believe in this choice… further, they would never insist it would be illegal to not have an abortion. They wouldn’t try to pass bogus laws making it difficult to obtain birth control, create bogus ‘abstinence

programs that fail the youth they are meant to protect, they would never shame a woman who refuses to get an abortion, they don’t tell women to keep their legs closed. They want maternity and paternity leave, they want all children to not have to live in poverty, they don’t vote against food stamps and hot lunches for kids. Big, big difference, sparky… and how disingenuous of you to pretend otherwise. We don’t buy it. Not now, not in the future. We know who is who in this con game… and it is not the majority of democrats. Look at the klown karnival in the white house… 30 men sitting around with Pence deciding on women’s health care and their bodies. You won’t see that in a democratic white house. give us a break, smarmy.

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