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The folks who continue to deny climate science as accurate remind me of the Ken Ham folks who continue to insist that ‘god put the dinosaurs there’, maybe even when jesus was alive, and the earth is 6000 years old, and millions of animals, 2 by 2, went on a wooden boat, and that a woman can get pregnant without sperm (i.e., virgin birth), that there were only two people but somehow there are now billions (inbreeding, anyone?) and that a 2000 year old jewish carpenter talks to them (and always needs more money, it seems)… these folks’ kids will reap the disaster that’s already infecting the planet… instead of facing the fact that you can’t keep putting crap into the ground and the air without serious effects. That’s just plain simple logic. Maybe some folks just have to find out the hard way… let’s send them to the Marshall Islands. Sheesh.. even the U.S. military is strategizing based on climate science. Oh well. Drumpf loves the uneducated… especially the ones who think they have all the (alternative) facts.

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