It’s a Be-In

You’re looking at a newly minted member of the Society of Distruptive Women Entreprenurs. I’m trying to shake up the publishing world a smidge, along with a whole bunch of others, and it’s quite invigorating.

This week I read an excellent Management Assistance Group article on the subject of Being (for) Justice. It leads off with: “Leadership is not just what we do, it’s how we be. It is our being that allows us to do for the long haul — or not.” And goes from there. Who doesn’t love that sentiment?

The beings of many people I love and admire allow them to be disruptive- they are curious, ambitious, self-confident- and also deeply empathetic and whole hearted. They are trying to find the way forward through the cracks and fissures in the ways things stand now, in business, in the arts, in lending a helping hand, and making a bright future.

So what are we disrupting that makes justice possible? We are making leadership about cooperation rather than domination. We are made up of many, all of us valuable and contributing, rather than of a single star. We are making the earning of money about distribution rather than aggregation.

When I succeed, you succeed. It’s just easy maths.

One day, we won’t be called “disruptive” anymore. We’ll be a movement that made its noise and shifted the goal posts and then our children will take up their own cause. Because the disruption will have been complete and good.

So to participate, here’s a handy guide:

- Think about what is just, and then make great strides to implement it.

- The “way things are” will not seem like an impediment- there’s always a work-around.

- The Internet is trying hard to educate you; take some online classes in amazing topics and find out what you’re called to engage in.

- Get up in a few faces from time to time.

- Find, build, and cultivate your tribe. This cannot be stressed enough. Your people are your foundation, and you are theirs.

This last point is where societies like Disruptive Women Entrepreneurs are a gold mine. It’s the kind of circumstance where ideas marry other ideas and have big beautiful idea families. Where is your clubhouse? Is it the community center? Is it your Facebook group? Is it on LinkedIn? Somewhere out there is your foundation, and it’s waiting to be built upon.

There’s an obvious call for justice in this world of ours, and it just so happens that we may need to fundamentally take on the call for disruption to make it real. To truly BE disruptive, to imagine a different way, and actively work to create it.

Hillary Strobel is a content single mother, fierce learner and teacher, ardent lover of life, and ass-kickin’ President and CEO of a Social Enterprise, The Flyways, Inc. After a long and varied career in just about every kind of Liberal Arts field imaginable, and in every type of job position- volunteer, employee, entrepreneur, non-profit worker, and freelancer- she has decided to put her money where her mouth is and marry her two deepest passions: stories and social justice. The results have surpassed her wildest expectations.