After 5 years of Dvorak, I am switching back to Qwerty.
Patrick Brown

I spent 19 years on Dvorak, and like you I took the decision to go back to Qwerty, for a lot of the similar reasons you mentioned. I don’t believe it made me much faster; got fed up explaining to people that my keyboard was “different”; and it caused me some trouble logging into shared network desktops. So I took the plunge and taught myself Qwerty, and kept at it until I got the hang of it.

Within a year, I was back to Dvorak. I could get fast at Qwerty, but I could never get comfortable with it. My ring and little fingers would ache at the end of the day. Going back to Dvorak felt like a homecoming!

As always it’s your personal choice and you should do what’s comfortable for you, but I thought I would share this.

p.s.: As for the VIM keys, “:noremap” is the Dvorak user’s friend!