Mini Travel Tips — 001

Citymapper + Uber (iOS)

I’ve been using Citymapper for sometime now. It’s much easier than having multiple transport systems app’s on my phone and it provides more information than a lot of the local transport apps do as well. I was recently in Lisbon, Portugal and I started to use a combination of Citymapper and Uber which turned out to be a perfect partnership and enabled myself and my girlfriend to utilise our short stay on the weekend city hop.

Within the Citymapper app you can use it like a normal transit application to see which public transport is better to get from point A to point B but it also gives you the option of how long it will take using Uber as well as the rough price estimates. Once you decide to use Uber it will then open the Uber app with all the information filled in and so it becomes a really seamless system to use.

Tested in: Lisbon, Portugal
Citymapper [iOS/Android] — Uber [iOS/Android]
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