Coming to Visit Israel, the Start Up Nation? Here is What You Should Wear.

We’re happy you decided to come visit the Start Up Nation, Israel, and just like the rest of the guests coming here you must be contemplating what to pack.

Key word for dressing up in Israel is :Casual.

Having said that some people tend to think that if they are coming to Israel then it’s time to pull out that “Hawaiian shirt” and some shorts. So let’s talk about that:
A. One should not own an “Hawaiian shirt” period. Let alone pack it or wear it to Israel;
B. A lot of people in tech do go with a super casual look but it’s a certain ‘techie’ look and not a vacation outfit.

So here’s what a casual look in Israel tech is:

Men: You can leave your suit and tie at home. If you are meeting startups a pair of dark jeans with a polo shirt or even a t-shirt will work great. If you are meeting with high level investors/VC/bankers/lawyers dress pants with a dress shirt will do the trick. Don’t be over dressed, not because we won’t appreciate it, but because you’ll be warm :)

Most guys in tech usually wear jeans to work and a t-shirt, probably a free swag t-shirt even. Shoes would be any cool sneakers that they should have thrown out a while ago, but that’s what happens when you make a ton of money in tech — you buy more macs and can’t afford new sneakers.

Women: You can wear anything from dark skinny jeans and a nice top to your Banana Republic pencil skirt look. What you want to drop will be your heels. Most Israeli women in tech will wear flats (yes even snickers) during the day or maybe low heels or platforms. My favorite look these days is an office fitting dress (not a pencil skirt but also nothing too revealing) and white Superga sneakers. I guess I do look best when I feel comfortable.

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In Tel-Aviv especially you will find yourself walking around a lot and therefore you might find high heels to be a burden. In the evening you can wear anything you would wear at home — a dress to a restaurant or an event is always a safe choice and you can go wild with the heel height then too. For further ideas on how to dress in TA you are welcome to follow @dressuptelaviv on instagram or my hebrew blog.

Now you are all set to be amazed by the awesome technology around you (and the beautiful beach).


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